5 Technology Accelerators for 2018

1) Blockchain Adoption
Blockchain will take center stage as it moves beyond cryptocurrency into health, government, supply chain, legal, finance, banking, trading, ecommerce it will be a tsunami of Blockhain winners and adoption of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) offered by IBM, Microsoft and Amazon will support the Blockchain revolution.

2. AI and Beyond
Adoption of AI in its numerous avatars will accelerate, the war for dominance between IBM and Google will move center stage. Many small AI players will cease to exist and we will see successful adoption by use of AI As a Service solution by leading and trusted vendors. Privacy will continue to be a concern and tighter regulations for compliance will be enforced by the regulators.

3. Private Clouds
Private clouds will gain momentum as compliance and security become key drivers, IBM will lead the charge on Private clouds. Private clouds offer secure and enterprise support for business applications.

4. Consolidation of Data Centres
Consolidation of data centres will accelerate as business leaders migrate to SAAS, BAAS, IAAS and PAAS and move out of their comfort zones of running their own data centres. The cost pressure will drive them to consolidate data centres.

5. Robotics
Use of Robotics will be strengthened with machine learning and stronger voice recognition software, BOTS adoption will increase in the BFSI and retail sectors, manufacturing will accelerate robot adoption and healthcare will adopt robotics from surgery to routine investigation. The robot invasion will continue in 2018 in driverless cars, trucks, cranes, farming, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics the list will increase as the year progresses.

The above 5 will be the key technology accelerators in 2018, though there will be further disruption due to net neutrality, cyber-crime, frauds, but the silver lining is that technology will continue to improve our standards of living and make the world a much safer and connected community.

All the best for the New Year 2018.


Make in India Cyber Security Solutions

It is rare to find a Make in India Cyber Security Solution in an exhibition, conference or seminar, as one scans the various forums one finds a few Make In India Cyber Security Solutions.
If India wants to be a Digital State then there is an urgent need for Cyber Security Solutions Made in India for Indians and managed in India. We do have a few home grown OEM security solutions but their engines are loaned from foreign security companies. 
We claim to be an IT superpower, does it stop with being cyber coolies? or does it go beyond that in making world class solutions to protect our Digital environment. 
All our mobile data is stored in a foreign country, we use solutions that we find free or paid from foreign shores, of course the internet is one world but who controls the data controls the digital world.

There were enthusiastic Indian entrepreneurs who did try to make Security solutions in India but I have not see any of them making it to the big league. Maybe Indian CISOs trust foreign vendors and prefer to take a safe route than bet on a local vendor. 
We are good at cyber security forensics, consulting and processes but we are laggards when it comes to building cyber security solutions. I know of a few companies who have been trying for a decade to make digital security solutions in India but they face an uphill task in Indians accepting their solution. Unfortunately even in Digital Security Solutions we prefer the foreign tag.
There is an Indian company who is fatigued by selling to Indian CISO’s, the innumerable pilots and proof of concepts has taken its toll, he is now selling his company to a global company which finds value in his intellectual property. A sad ending to a make in India endeavour; the irony is Indians will buy this made in India solution when it is rebranded and shipped via the global company.
Organizations like the Department of Information Technology and DSCI and Nasscom must focus on incubating companies to make digital cyber security solutions for India and the Government must encourage, fund and subsidize the manufacture of the same. 
When will this change, I believe it has to change today, we must start encouraging and incubating cyber security professionals to make Digital security solutions in India to be deployed in India. We must support and make sure that the Government of India and other Indian organizations use only Make in India digital security solutions .
It makes no sense for India an aspiring Digital Super Power to have its security keys in a third country and also get its security patches from a third country. 
Infosys is attempting to be a product company, they may want to consider the opportunity to incubate cyber security digital solutions made in India for India. Other large Indian companies too must follow, if India wants to be a true Digital Super Power it must learn first to protect itself with Digital Cyber Security Tools which it owns and control before it can strut like a proud Peacock on the global digital highway. 
It is nice to have conferences and seminars and round tables and cocktails all funded by foreign digital cyber security companies, when will be the day when these events will be hosted by Indian companies who deliver Make in India cyber security solutions. 
The time has come to derive inspiration from the poem To India my native land by Henry Louis Vivian Derozio who though a foreigner wanted India to be self reliant.
My country! In thy day of glory past
A beauteous halo circled round thy brow,
And worshipped as a deity thou wast.
Where is that glory, where that reverence now?

Government and Our Data

A contentious issue  is about Governments and our personal data; but the Government already knows more about us then we can imagine.
At Birth our parents get a Birth Certificate and the Government records this in their data base, our date and time of Birth, hospital where born, your parents names and address and of course your gender is recorded in a data base.
When we join school our personal data is collected and during a Census personal data is again collected.
When we get our Driving License we need to give data including our name, parents name, date of birth, address, physical deformities and some bio-metrics.
When we apply for our Passport the Government collects data about us including bio-metrics; when we apply for a Visa to visit another country we readily give our personal data including bio-metrics.
We pay tax to the Government and have to provide both personal and financial data to the Government.

Central Library – Bangalore
The Government is the Custodian of Citizen Data

When we die our data is collected by the Government to issue our survivors a death certificate before we are laid to rest.
Thus through the cycle of Birth, Living and Death the Government has adequate Data about us.
Let us consider secondary data that Government can easily access about us with a simple government or court order. They can get data about our telephone and mobile call records, which gives our location and also all our text messages, they can also get our records on email and social media.
Credit rating bureaus have data about us to measure our financial health, when requested they have to share this with the Government, also our data can be collected through financial regulators in our country. Insurance data bureaus have data about our health and risk profile when we are insured and also the total value of the insured amount to prevent fraud; this has to be provided to the Government when needed.
Secondary data about us can be collected from other sources by the Government, it is never a challenges once the Government Machinery moves in and we are the target of a Governmental investigation .
So when we talk about privacy about our Data I wonder what more information the Government may seek about us which they do not have in their database.
Once the Government has a central view of the data of an individual it is easy to manage and protect its country and citizens.
Your thoughts and comments on this are welcome!