5 Technology Accelerators for 2018

1) Blockchain Adoption
Blockchain will take center stage as it moves beyond cryptocurrency into health, government, supply chain, legal, finance, banking, trading, ecommerce it will be a tsunami of Blockhain winners and adoption of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) offered by IBM, Microsoft and Amazon will support the Blockchain revolution.

2. AI and Beyond
Adoption of AI in its numerous avatars will accelerate, the war for dominance between IBM and Google will move center stage. Many small AI players will cease to exist and we will see successful adoption by use of AI As a Service solution by leading and trusted vendors. Privacy will continue to be a concern and tighter regulations for compliance will be enforced by the regulators.

3. Private Clouds
Private clouds will gain momentum as compliance and security become key drivers, IBM will lead the charge on Private clouds. Private clouds offer secure and enterprise support for business applications.

4. Consolidation of Data Centres
Consolidation of data centres will accelerate as business leaders migrate to SAAS, BAAS, IAAS and PAAS and move out of their comfort zones of running their own data centres. The cost pressure will drive them to consolidate data centres.

5. Robotics
Use of Robotics will be strengthened with machine learning and stronger voice recognition software, BOTS adoption will increase in the BFSI and retail sectors, manufacturing will accelerate robot adoption and healthcare will adopt robotics from surgery to routine investigation. The robot invasion will continue in 2018 in driverless cars, trucks, cranes, farming, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics the list will increase as the year progresses.

The above 5 will be the key technology accelerators in 2018, though there will be further disruption due to net neutrality, cyber-crime, frauds, but the silver lining is that technology will continue to improve our standards of living and make the world a much safer and connected community.

All the best for the New Year 2018.