Adieu Email Welcome Social Media

Recently I had to send a document to my friend and realized I did not have his email easily available, I realized that most conversations with my friend was on Facebook.
My dependence on email had diminished, I am connected with more people be they family, classmates, work mates, acquaintances and others by social media.
Social Media be it Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Twitter has become central to our lives.  Over the years I have  lost my ability to write personal letters and had switched to a different style suited for emails; today my style of messaging on social media is again different.

Messaging by Pictures at Nazca – Peru !

Social Media messaging is driven by Pictures and then text, a family get together shows it all in the pictures or video posted on social media.  The pictures speak for themselves and the tags are  footnotes to identify people or the location.
The world has shrunk with social media, we no longer need email ids, we just key in the name and presto you find your long lost childhood friend on Facebook.
A flurry of chats and you are connected again like you were back in school.
The ability of Social Media to connect people across different geographies because of association, shared causes or for business has been astounding.
Many believe that Social Media has to be blocked and most corporate do not allow social media in the work place.
I believe it is the corporate loss rather than tackling  employee non-productivity, the employee will find ways of accessing the social media through their tablets or mobile phones defeating the very purpose of  blocking social media access.
My information Security friends tell me that social media could leak corporate information and become a compliance risk, sensitizing employees by corporate can diminish the risk posed by an employee posting corporate information in social media.
It is time that the corporate embraced social media for business and discarded the old email they need to take a leaf from Retail Banks who provide social media banking and customer delight.
It is time to say adieu to email and embrace Social Media. Are you Ready?

Be Prepared for your Social Media Presence !

Social Media is here to stay as more companies join the band wagon every day, many companies believe the first step in Social Media is to create their company presence with a  Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, LinkedIn company page, Pinterest presence and finally a Google Plus+ presence and maybe a few more to be safe !
Most companies do not have a social media strategy or a social media management agenda or team, most of the social media management is outsourced to ad agencies or social media specialists. Companies need to understand  they are best equipped to respond and support their customer through social media; customer engagement is too valuable to be outsourced ?
Business could use the services of social media strategists who can help them with their campaign and build a road map for their social media presence and  so train their team to handle social media in real time.
Companies who do not handle social media in real time are doomed and will stand  out as non-customer focused companies.
The Toddy Tapper – Social Media is Heady but Be Prepared !
The CEO must lead the social media charge with a Twitter handle and a blog page at the minimum, CEO’s could learn from Sir Richard Branson  (@richardbranson) who has a great social media presence. 
Social media affects your company in multitude ways and is unforgiving, one social media gaffe could  be the death knell for your company. Companies need to understand that social media is  double edged sword, it can hurt and maim with equal ease as it can conquer and subjugate customers.
To get your social media strategy right, start in small increments, big bang does not work for social media, maybe start with a Facebook Page and Twitter handle, tend it well like a good gardener and reap the harvest in abundance. Like a good gardener you must know what to plant, when to harvest and when to leave the land fallow for best outcome of your social media strategy.
Be Prepared before you venture into social media; Be ever watchful like a good gardener and enjoy the benefits of your Social Media Presence!